Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Short Story Essay By Alice Walker

p Alice Walker employs the technique of glossary symbolism in the base Am I BlueIn the culture to which she belongs , Afri preempt-American , mettlesome glossary is associated with trust and stability . It also signifies peace and tranquility-and sometimes , melancholy too . It depends upon the situation and the mood of the person interacting with the color . One can certainly say that the blue color is the greatest asset of nature Blue is the color of the pitch , water and light . The sun and the moon have refer br relationship with the moods (waves ) of the blue sea . The title of the story Am I blue could be the question that keep to haunt Alice Walker , throughout her life in angiotensin converting enzyme way of the other . She had to undergo both- physical and mental unhappiness , and so her meaningful question in the story , Am I blue (Looks like a question to her inner-self - Am I peaceful ? Am I tranquil ?-Perhaps she is not ) Alice Walker is a sensitive individual . Her referral to homophileity is , if plants can live together and in the broader sense , when mother Nature is so benevolent to homophileity , why human beings do not reciprocate the same feelings of love and kindness , to the ` slight evolved mute animal kingdomI entirely agree with Alice Walker active the necessity to show kindness to animals both from the ecological and unearthly points of views . Man claims that he is the crown of creation . Is it his self-proclamation or he deserves the crown on account of his qualities ? As per the conditions prevailing and as for his disposition to the animal kingdom , he treats them as the beginning of proteins and dumps them in the graveyard called his stomach . His taste buds counsel him - how nice , you have done the right thing ! done this story she gives vent to her feelings of deep love for the animals . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Am I blue is about an intense relationship between a horse and a woman . She argues that there are human qualities in animals . Ms . Alice Walker , you are again extremely considerate to the animals , but some of the intelligent animals may indian lodge protest against your otherwise well-intentioned observation - that animals have human qualities . The quality of any animal is pure and divine and it acts unfeigned to its nature . They never try to cheat and outsmart the bloke creatures . Even the most ferocious animal , the Lion , doesn t turn thumbs down animals for fancy . He does it just for his daily requirement of nutrition and there is a method in his operation . He doesn t kill the animals for their leather and for making fancy purses ! He doesn t scud them for weaving angora shawls ! He doesn t make the elephant fall into the camouflage ditch for extracting the ivoryIn the story , the tender relationship develops with the regular nutrition of Blue (the name of the horse .Many years roll by . That relationship which passes through many stages , makes the monumental difference in...If you demand to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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