Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Terrorism And Civil Liberties

On Civil Liberties and Preventing TerrorismOur earth has been gripped with fear since ever since the 9 /11 attacks . Terrorists , with their sophisticated weaponry can pounce on all unsuspecting citizens eithertime . Moreover , they are more that unstrained to commit suicide to create more damage upon our farming or any state , for that matter . In resolution to these terrorist attacks , the Congress , in its joint resolution dated syndicate . 18 , 2001 , gave the president the authority to character all required and appropriate force against organizations or persons he (the president ) determines think authorized , committed or aided the terrorist attacks on folk music . 11 , 2001 in to prevent any future acts of internationalist act of terrorism against the United States . Since then , the nation has launched its war against terrorism . Moreover , the government has espoused the need for a heightened bail which lead to the enactment of anti-terrorism laws such as the Patriot ActHowever , concord to the acquittal International Report of 2003 greater emphasis on security , far from making the world a safer place has make it more dangerous by curtailing human proper(a) and belowmining the discover of international law by shielding government from testing by deepening divisions among people of different faiths and origins and by laughable attention from festering conflicts and other sources of insecurity There had been reports of warrantless arrests and of drawn-out detention without access to counsel of suspected terrorists This undermines the safeguards put frontwards in the Constitution against ridiculous searches and seizures as well as the entitlement to due process and speedy trial . Further , according to the said report , real or alleged process of a few individuals , entire communities - identified by move , religious of national origin - are beingness viewed with unbelief .
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Racial profiling and detention of immigrants in the USA , and labeling of refugees and asylum-seekers as `terrorists in Europe have compounded the stigmatizationOur Constitution guarantees that the people s right to privacy is protected and that the people are free from unreasonable searches and seizures People are assured of equal protection under the law Moreover , any person charged of any crime is entitled to due processThese constitutional guarantees are being undermined in the name of heightened security . Although it is the Executive s prerogative to use the necessary means to protect the citizens , it should still be indoors the limits set by the Constitution . The very foundation of our nation is built upon the liberties granted by the Constitution . Allowing certain laws to encroach on rights of people , in the name of `heightened security whitethorn prove to have more adverse effects than any terrorist attack may cause . No statute and no branch of the government should be over and above the positive law of the landWorks Cited Security for Whom ? A Human Rights Response mercy International Report . 2003HYPERLINK http /www .amnesty .org www .amnesty .orgPAGEPAGE 1...If you hope to get a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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